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In the world of Long Beach’s growing and absurdly solid cocktail scene where new gems seem to be coming in monthly—Marlena, the newly minted Naples restaurant, and mixologist Dave Castillo’s program immediately comes to mind—there is no question that among Long Beach bars, The Wicked Wolf in Wrigley remains one of our best despite being one of our newest.

And judging from the tiny window with which The Wicked Wolf has been open and already connected with the surrounding neighborhood while dishing out some genuinely solid libations, one would be hard-pressed to believe that owners and husband-and-wife team Thea Mercouffer and George Wolfe weren’t really intent on being in the bar business.

“We were blessed to be able to sell our longtime home in Venice after having an empty nest and wanted to start our own business, do something more hands on and commercial,” Wolfe, who is a writer and whose wife is a documentarian, said. “And we were genuinely open to anything while looking last summer across of nearly all of SoCal: mini-markets, car washes, restaurants… Wherever we thought there was something interesting and this place really charmed us.”

Photos by Brian Addison

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