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ISM Brewing—master brewer Ian McCall’s brewery that took over the former Beachwood space after it was announced they were shuttering their OG Downtown Long Beach location, leaving Beachwood’s Blendery as the sole representative of the brand in an ever-changing neighborhood—has begun to serve food in the hopes that people will not only visit during all hours but that it will attract both worker and visitors to Downtown.

ISM Brewing certainly offers some of the city’s best beers—beautifully brewed, consistently clean, downright down-able—but its underrated food (which is shockingly affordable) deserves an uplift.

“ISM, from the get-go, has been about the community,” Ian said. “At first, I wasn’t sold entirely on the idea of having food because I wanted to focus on the beer but the beer will always be on lock; that is my responsibility. And it just made sense that we have to food for our patrons and our brand.”

From stellar sandwiches to an entire menu dedicated to tacos, ISM Brewing offers fine beers and grub.

Photos and written by Brian Addison. 

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