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Liv’s on 2nd, the oyster bar-meets-full-on seafood restaurant in the Shore, has brought something to Long Beach that has long been needed. Sexy oysters. Good wine. Solid seafood. But it is oh so much more than that.

Chef Kristine Schneider—joined by owner and chef Rob White, who also just opened Hartland’s at 1900 Ocean—is no stranger to the food scene. Earning her stripes at Michael on Naples under Chef Eric Samaniego, Kristine has a truly deep sense of Californian-ness attached to her food. After all, she was literally attached to the farmlands of our state up in Visalia, a place she returns to as often as she can to not only connect to her roots but the very roots of food itself.

“Liv’s on 2nd is and will always be Rob’s baby,” Kristine said, “Rob created the base menu when he first opened and when I came on the team, he really entrusted me to tackle the food head on.”

In essence, it is a nod toward Rob’s ability to let go a bit—something he needed to do as he took on Hartland’s—as well as a rare show of humility as a chef who is taking a large step back in order to balance multiple businesses. But this is not to say you won’t see Rob. Not at all.

Standing behind the seat-lined bar, patrons are likely to see Rob shucking oysters. On any particular day, you’ll see him shuck, plate, and decorate. Sometimes they are topped with caviar and crème fraîche. Sometimes with a side of house-made cocktail sauce, with strips of fresh horseradish root. It all depends on how you order them.

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Written and photos by Brian Addison.