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Long Beach Beer Lab—birthed in Wrigley, now with a sister in the Zaferia District, also home to the Long Beach Bread Lab—has long been a leader in fermentation and bread-making but is often dismissed or outright ignored in the larger conversation surrounding the city’s growing reputation as a sourdough-y, bread-birthing center.

Yup, we’re getting James Beard recognitions for bakeries like Gusto. The Washington Post calling Speak Cheezy’s sourdough pizza some of the best in the nation. Bakeries like Colossus moving their sourdough pizzas to a daily offeringafter exploding on Friday nights.

But there’s always been an OG when it comes to diligently detailed, fermentation-focused, carb-y creations—and that is the Long Beach Beer Lab, where its second sister location in Zaferia has rightfully earned it the love of the neighborhood.

When husband-and-wife team Levi and Harmony Sage-Fried are vagabonds at heart—but Long Beach is home, and with their Beer/Bread Lab, they've create a sense of community through proofing and brewing in a way that is distinctly them and distinctly Long Beach.

Photos and written by Brian Addison.

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