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For those in the loop, Noble Rotisserie (formerly Noble Bird Rotisserie) inside the 2nd + PCH retail complex in Alamitos Bay is a rare gem—and not just for Long Beach, but for the entire West Coast: Through its meticulously crafted and managed kitchen and its equally meticulously created menu, it is one of the few restaurants not just in the region but in the entire country where those with severe allergies-be it one or many, be dairy and eggs or tree nuts and shellfish—can eat with peace.

Every single plate—from their staples like a masterful rotisserie chicken and beautifully deconstructed chicken pot pie to specials like coq au vin—can be handed to you with the knowledge of every single ingredient put into the dish.

Owners and wife-and-husband team Sidney and Steve Price did not arrive at this idea of creating an allergen-cognizant restaurant because they simply cared about everyone’s diets.

It stemmed from a parental nightmare, a nightmare that affects over 30 million American families every year.

There are plenty of tropes and stereotypes surrounding allergies—from the petty person who claims an allergy simply because they don’t like an ingredient to a dismissal of those truly suffering from allergies because of the very people that abuse the reality of their existence—but even beyond the focus on creating a safe eating space for everyone, there’s one thing so many are forgetting: Noble Bird is creating genuinely great, quality food. Period.

Photos and written by Brian Addison.

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