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“Rance was born in Orange County and when he was visiting his sister while she was in college up in the Bay, he discovered Zachary’s and became a wild, Chicago-style pizza mad scientist at that point,” Long Beach resident—who fell in love with the city during the build-out in Belmont Shore—and co-owner Aaron Tofani said. “We’ve known each other since the 3rd Grade and when it came time to jump into adulting, I went to business school and he went to the School of Hardknocks learning how to make pizza.”

“Mad scientist” is underselling founder Rance Ruiz’s endeavor: His family outright told him to knock it off with the pizza nonsense while friends looked on impressed as Ruiz began stakeouts on pizza joints.

No, literally stakeouts: Ordering from various places he would travel to, he would note who delivered and where to; he would ask people at the restaurant why this particular pizzeria was their choice; he would call and say, “Hey, I’m not so good with garlic—do you put garlic in your sauce?” after taste-testing a particular pie…

The result? A matrix of deep-dishes from around the country over the course of nearly a decade, attached with details upon details that would eventually build up to an ask of his friend Tofani after he failed to succeed in Yorba Linda because of a lack of business accumen: With business experience on Tofani’s side and what Rance believed was the right recipe for his Chicago-style pizza on the other, Rance’s Chicago Pizza was born in Costa Mesa and then Long Beach.

Photos and written by Brian Addison.

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