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The Masonic Temple standing at 230 Pine Ave.—arguably Pine Avenue’s truly oldest building given its complete construction in 1903 by architect Henry Starbuck; others say it is the building that houses L’Opera, which had its first three stories completed in 1900 but was eventually built upon to create what is now standing at the northwest corner of 1st and Pine—has a storied history.

And its storied history continues even when it reaches contemporary times: It was once home to interior design chain Z Gallerie before shuttering in 2010, then converted to a relatively short-lived events space in 2014 when its facade was restored and its interior brought back to life, and now? Well, it's brewery, of course, headed by Derek Wasak, a Boston native master brewer with a resume that not only cements him as a true beer veteran but will bring both giddiness and smiles across the board from beer lovers in Long Beach.

Holding a masters brewers degree from the Siebel Institute in Chicago, he has studied and practiced brewing in Munich as well as spent 12 years brewing at Stone in San Diego. What does this mean? Stellar pilsners and lagers paired with equally stellar West Coast-style IPAs—and some other tricks up his sleeve like seltzers, hazy brews, and any other trend you might think to quench your thirst.

Photos by Brian Addison

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